About Us

Shateara Hall, CEO


Shateara is a former teacher who has her Master of Public Policy from Vanderbilt University and her Bachelor's of Science from the College of Charleston. Her experience working as a data collector and in research for government and academia inspired the idea for Empiriclee. 

"During my studies, I recognized that there were many hurdles to social science research at the state level and academia. I began compiling a list of key areas that needed to be addressed to expedite the research process and more strongly incentivize cross-sector collaboration. Pulling from my experience working in state government, as an academic researcher, and in equity research, I identified data access, research replication, data delivery standardization, and a streamlined peer-review process as areas not being adequately addressed in addition to the lack of an optimal process for quality, timely research dissemination. These factors are most relevant to my goals of (1) helping researchers produce timely, academically rigorous research and (2) promoting real-time cross-sector research collaboration among academic researchers, governments, and industry. Thus, Empiriclee LLC was conceived to tackle these issues and propel social science research forward."  

Data Consent

It is important for Empiriclee to uphold the standard of consent. We are developing our app in a way that ensures users are sharing the data they want shared. Our goal is to better educate the public about social science research and how it is used. We strive for ethical data practices.

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

We aim to design algorithms with integrity, continually checking for potential biases under human guidance.