What We Do


Data Collection

 Empiriclee is the place where researchers and the public unite to promote data-driven decision making for businesses, policymakers, and social scientists. We provide web-based public polling and social science data and reporting. Our focus is collecting authentic responses using technology and methods that appeal to diverse communication styles.

We believe that decision makers from all disciplines and industries should have access to quality data. Our products and services are designed to transform and eliminate the survey process for researchers and entities seeking public perception.  


Building the App

Empiriclee is building Lilee, an AI Data Collector App, to redefine the participants’ interaction with researchers and instrumentation. Lilee solicits public participation in real-time social science research by highlighting the individual’s voice as focal. Lilee’s motto, “Let your voice be heard”, transforms the psychology and culture of data collection. Our premise is that people want to share their thoughts, and providing an engaging, personalized experience for them to do so is essential to getting authentic responses.  


Promoting Human & Societal Growth

As technology advances, now is the time for social scientists to embrace it in a way that expedites quality research for timely decision-making. It is time to use data to improve the human condition while the issues are relevant. 

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